The cost for Camp Independence is approximately $500 for each camper to attend camp.  We work hard and are grateful for the many sponsors and donors who make up the costs for each child to attend.  The Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation aggressively fund raises year-round to support Camp Independence, and other programs that benefit the bleeding disorders community.  Due to these efforts, we are able to offer a discounted registration fee to all campers that meet the eligibility requirements to be a camper at Camp Independence. 


These eligibility requirements are:

  1. All camper applicants must have a bleeding disorder, or be a sibling who resides in the same household as an affected camper.  Due to cost, and staff constraints, we will be unable to accommodate any camper who does not meet this criteria.

  2. The camper must be a resident of the State of Oklahoma.  We understand that there may be circumstances for consideration concerning state residency.  We do have campers that are not residents of Oklahoma, but, are still members of the bleeding disorders community in Oklahoma.  If you feel this applies to you, please email us at with your information, and we will reach out to you to confirm your residency exception.

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible for the discounted registration fee.

The discounted registration fee is $35 per camper.  Households with 3 or more campers will receive a discounted registration cap of $85 total.  A household is defined as those living under the same roof, in the same house.  Registration is due by May 25th, 2020.  A late fee of $25 will be assessed, in addition to the required registration fee, per camper application, regardless of the household discounted registration cap of $85.  We will not accept any applications after June 1st, 2020.  If we do not receive a completed application on or before this date, we will not be able to accept your camper at camp this year.  Absolutely No Exceptions!

If you participate in any effort of fundraising, which raises a minimum of $250 for the OHF, you may be eligible for a Camp Independence Registration Waiver.  An example of this would be entering a team in our annual OHF Walk, and raising a minimum of $250.  If you believe this applies to you, please email Genny Goodley at so that we can give you your discount code to be used when you are completing the Camp Independence registration online.



Due 5/25/20

Late registration due 6/1/19,

Absolutely No Registrations accepted after 6/1/19


Due 6/1/20

Camper registration required before JC applications are sent to eligible campers.


Due 6/1/20

Assistant Counselors are considered camp staff.

NOTE: No registration fee required for Assistant Counselor